The Top Furniture Trends of 2023: Stylish Designs and Popular Materials

The Top Furniture Trends of 2023: Stylish Designs and Popular Materials

What’s in and what’s out when it comes to furniture design? That depends on who you ask. But one thing is for sure: there are some trends that always seem to be “in.” And that means the rest of us can make some pretty smart bets about what’s coming next. Here are our top picks for the hottest top furniture trends of 2023—and beyond!

Modern Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display art or books, and can also be used to create an illusion of space. In small spaces where you don’t want clutter on the floor, floating shelves will help make your room feel larger. In large spaces, they can add visual interest by adding color and texture. The most common materials for floating shelves are wood, metal (such as steel or aluminum) and glass–particularly tempered glass that’s been treated with a special coating so it won’t break if hit by something heavy like a book falling off its shelf!

Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist furniture is a style of furniture that uses as little material as possible. This can include using one material, or simply designing the piece to be very simple and clean. It’s often used in modern design, but minimalist designs can be found all over the world.

Minimalist furniture is ideal for anyone who wants to make their space look more elegant and sophisticated without spending too much money on traditional styles like chairs or sofas.

Slipcovered Furniture

Slipcovered furniture is a great way to get the look of luxury without the high price tag. It’s also easy to clean, so you can change your slipcover whenever you want. You can buy a piece of furniture and then change the slipcover to match your decor or just because you want something new in your home.

Contemporary Bedroom Sets

Contemporary bedroom sets are a great way to add a modern look to your bedroom. These furniture pieces come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re sleek and stylish.

The first thing you’ll want to do when shopping for contemporary bedroom furniture is pick out the bed frame that best fits your needs. If you prefer something simple, opt for a platform bed with clean lines or choose an upholstered headboard with some extra storage space built-in.

Next comes nightstands–you don’t want too many of these because then it will look cluttered! One or two is ideal; however, if you really love having lots of things on hand while sleeping (or reading), then three would be fine too! You should also consider adding dressers into this equation as well–they can hold all sorts of things like clothes and blankets neatly organized inside drawers so everything looks neat when guests visit later on down the road.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is a trendy choice for those who want to add character and personality to their homes. This type of furniture has been around for quite some time, but it’s only recently that it has gained popularity in the home decor industry.

Reclaimed wood is made from old beams, floorboards, fence posts and other pieces of wood that have been salvaged from old buildings or forests. The history behind these pieces makes them unique because they come with an interesting story behind them–you never know what kind of history your reclaimed piece might have!

When choosing reclaimed wood furniture, consider the age of your home when deciding whether or not this style will work well within its walls; older homes tend to look better with rustic designs while newer ones might need something more modern instead.* Think about how often you plan on moving around before purchasing anything too big since moving large items can be difficult (especially if they’re heavy).

Shaker Style Furniture

Shaker style furniture is a minimalist design that features clean lines and simple shapes. It’s characterized by its lack of frills, but still has an elegant look to it. Shaker style furniture originated in the 18th century, when it was popularized by members of a religious group called “Shakers.”

The main materials used for this type of furniture are wood, metal or linen fabrics such as cotton twill or linen canvas. The design also incorporates natural elements like leather straps and wooden handles that add to its overall simplicity and elegance.


We hope that this list of the top furniture trends of 2023 will help you make your home more stylish and functional. Whether you want to go modern or traditional, there are plenty of options available for every taste. If you’re looking for something specific like slipcovered furniture or Shaker style sets, check out our other articles on those topics as well!

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